1st Ranger Battalion: A Realism Unit for Day of Infamy


Company Staff
Staff Sergeant Asher S-1 - Head of Personnel
Technical Sergeant OHalloran S-2 - Head Of Army Intelligence
Captain Broadaway S-3 - Head Of Training and Operations
Second Lieutenant Bullock S-4 - Head Of Logistics
Captain Broadaway S-5 - Head Of Public Affairs

Baker Company

Captain Broadaway Commanding Officer
First Sergeant Rifle Company SNCO

First Platoon

Second Lieutenant Hamel Platoon Leader
Sergeant First Class Gochenour Platoon Sergeant
Sergeant Batrider Platoon Medic
First Squad - ARMA 3
Staff Sergeant Jennings Squad Leader
Private First Class Kinley Rifleman
Private First Class Stanton Rifleman
Third Squad - Post Scriptum
Technical Sergeant OHalloran Squad Leader
Corporal Ash Assistant Squad Leader
Private First Class Bankert Rifleman
Private First Class MacAdams Rifleman
Private First Class May Rifleman
Private First Class Stringer Rifleman
Private First Class Tarkov Rifleman