1st Ranger Battalion: A Realism Unit for Day of Infamy


Company B

Captain Powers Commanding Officer
First Lieutenant Bankert Company Executive Officer
Company Staff
Second Lieutenant May S-1 Personnel Officer
Sergeant Merss S-2 Head of Intelligence
First Lieutenant Bankert S-3 Operations Officer
Second Lieutenant May S-4 Logistics Officer
Technical Sergeant Byrne S-5 Event Liaison
First Platoon
Technical Sergeant Byrne Platoon Leader
Staff Sergeant Bannon Platoon Sergeant
First Squad "Damn Yankees"
Sergeant Merss Squad Leader
Private First Class Marvel Assistant Squad Leader
Technician 3rd Grade Batrider Medic
Private First Class Syd Grenadier
Private First Class Michet Machine Gunner
Private First Class Stack Radioman
Technician 5th Grade Bornn Rifleman
Private First Class Fischer Rifleman
Private First Class Mello Rifleman
Private Burns Rifleman
Private Finley Rifleman
Private Reinhardt Rifleman
Private Sands Rifleman
Second Squad "Battered Bastards"
Sergeant Cecchi Squad Leader
Private First Class Soze Assistant Squad Leader
Private First Class Asher Medic
Private First Class Stump Grenadier
Private First Class Clark Radioman
Technician 4th Grade MacAdams Rifleman
Technician 5th Grade Savage Rifleman
Private First Class Ash Rifleman
Private First Class Hamel Rifleman
Private Beno Rifleman
Private Peters Rifleman
Private Pike Rifleman
Private Schone Rifleman


Technician 4th Grade Bullock Reserves
Technician 5th Grade Stornaiuolo Reserves
Private First Class Claes Reserves
Private First Class Keith Reserves
Private First Class Revere Reserves
Private First Class Tipton Reserves
Private Boone Reserves
Private Bryson Reserves
Private Carlyle Reserves
Private Gorzy Reserves
Private Iron Reserves
Private Luce Reserves
Private Michael Reserves
Private Riverson Reserves
Private Skyborn Reserves