1st Ranger Battalion: A Realism Unit for Day of Infamy


What Is Realism?

Flash-MG What Makes a Realism Unit Different?

A realism unit is a lot different from your average clan. And the term "realism" applies to both the in-game and out-of-game aspects of our group. We use a rank system and unit structure which is as close as possible to that of a real army company during WWII. And when we play together, we use as much of the tactics and teamwork that can be applied to the game.

There are a few reasons our group is organized this way. First, there is a reenactment element to it, and we attempt to pay tribute to the real men and women in uniform. We welcome both gamers and active and retired duty personnel. Additionally, the added structure allows us to keep the group well-run and highly organized. If you see someone at a high rank in the group, it's because they put in a lot of extra time to keep things going, not because they've racked up the most kills in a scrim. We also maintain relations with other realism units in Day of Defeat: Source, competing in both friendly pick-up scrims and official matches.

Realism Gameplay

We regularly organize matches using a specialized form of play, "tactical realism." During a round, one team attacks and the other defends, with each player only having one life. This gameplay style forces everyone to use teamwork and coordination at an even higher level. Waiting around after a "death" is kept to minimum through the use of a server mod which enforces timelimits and automatically switches dead players to spectator so they can observe and talk about the rest of the round.

We play realism often, so if you stop by our public server, you may find us deciding to get a match started if enough people are interested. Of course, most realism gameplay comes in the form of organized private unit events.

If realism appeals to you, stop by our recruitment office and post an application. Or check out our server and forums to get a better feel for how we do things.